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Question: What are the distinctive features of Snapit!™ products?

Answer: There are many distinctive features of SnapIt!™ products. Below are some of the more significant:

  • No sharp edges or square corners to cause injury.
  • Unparalleled customer service and guarantee.
  • Graceful value adding designs.
  • Proven American craftsmanship.
  • All necessary mounting hardware included in original purchase.
  • Durable long lasting construction.

Question: Do I need to order a certain size for the tubing on my walker or chair?

Answer: When ordering product numbers with a T prefix you must order the specific size. Product numbers with the W prefix come with mounting hardware to fit 3/4, 7/8, 1 or 1 1/8″ round tubing. If the tubing on your chair or walker is not one of these common sizes you can phone us with a special order.

Question: What is the additional cost for special orders?

Answer: Special orders for non-standard tubing sizes typically do not incur an additional charge. For custom items please call for a quote.

Question: How do I measure?

Answer: If you do not have access to a set of calipers the simplest way to get an accurate measurement is to use an adjustable wrench. An adjustable wrench has jaws that move in and out by turning a screw with your thumb. Adjust the wrench until the jaws are snug against both sides of the round tube and then lay a tape measure or ruler across the jaws to get the diameter of the tubing.

Question: What are Snapit!™ products made of?

Answer: SnapIt!™ products are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) specially formulated for outdoor exposure. A common household product made from HDPE is the plastic cutting board. The material used by SnapIt!™ differs from the material in cutting boards in that it is UV stabilized and utilizes color dyes.

Question: Will SnapIt!™ products breakdown from exposure to sunlight?

Answer: No, SnapIt!™ products are manufactured from material specifically formulated for outdoor use and are guaranteed against UV breakdown.

Question: What happens if my Snapit!™ product breaks?

Answer: If your Snapit!™ product has not been modified and breaks under the normal use for which it was designed call and notify us and then return it for repair or replacement. Shipment to us is at your expense, Snapit!™ will cover the return postage to you.

Question: Can I have an item custom made?

Answer: Yes, Snapit!™ frequently modifies existing products or creates new products for customers. Call or email with details and to obtain a quote.

Question: How do I clean my Snapit!™ product?

Answer: SnapIt! products can be cleaned with common household cleaners including bleach if necessary.

Question: Are other colors available?

Answer: Yes, SnapIt!™ typically stocks white, gray and black and these colors are available at no difference in price. Special order colors may be ordered at a premium depending on availability from the manufacturer.

Question: If I bump into something with my Snapit!™ accessory will it mar the surface I bump into?

Answer: Snapit!™ is unable to make any claims regarding damage that may be caused by contact from a SnapIt!™ accessory due to the many variables that exist. However, in comparison to accessories manufactured from metal the HDPE that SnapIt!™ accessories are made from is relatively soft and has a low coefficient of friction with the result that damage is much less likely to be caused by accidental contact from a SnapIt!™ accessory than from one made of metal. In addition the color is molded into Snapit!™ accessories so they are less likely to show scratches and leave paint marks in the event of accidental contact.

Question: My metal accessory rattles, do SnapIt!™ accessories rattle?

Answer: The sound deadening qualities of the relatively soft plastic coupled with care in assembly eliminate rattles. Even a metal walking cane in one of the SnapIt!™ cane holsters is very quiet with the added benefit that the plastic does not mar the surface of the cane.