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M0012WG Cockpit Table

M0012WG Cockpit Table


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Small Wine Glass Cockpit Table

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Small pedestal mounted cockpit table. Measures 14.5″ wide by 22″ long. Snaps and clamps onto pedestal guard.

Table is self-supporting and folds and snaps in the closed position.

Includes cut outs for wine glasses on the forward end of the table.

Due to the size restrictions of the small table the support arms impede on the wine glass holder

opening making the use of narrow glasses like Champagne Flutes impractical.

The cut outs work well with All Purpose Wine Glasses and other glasses with a large bowl.

Attachment is pedestal guard specific. Select your pedestal guard dimensions from the pull down menu.

Questions about measuring? Click here: How To Measure

CNC Machined from marine grade HDPE and assembled with stainless steel hardware,

Proudly Made in Texas, USA!