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GOLD Golden Power Chair Bracket

GOLD Golden Power Chair Bracket


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Golden Power Chair Bracket

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Fits Golden Power Chair armrests with square receptacle and setscrew.

Bracket inserts into receptacle and is secured by setscrew.

This is a guide. Manufacturers sometimes use optional armrest configurations and

in some cases armrests have been changed or modified from the original.

Please examine the underside of the armrest to confirm that it has the correct features for mounting the selected bracket.

To view installation instructions click here.

Email SnapIt! at customerservice@snapitproducts.com photos of the mounting features of your armrest if you have questions.

Photos can also be sent to 903-965-9181 by text.

CNC Machined from marine grade HDPE and assembled with stainless steel hardware.

Proudly Made in Texas, USA!